5 Wines for Sangria

5 Wines for an End-of-Summer Sangria

We’re drowning our summertime sorrows in sangria. This big batch crowd-pleaser is here for your Labor Day barbecue, camping trip, or whatever long weekend shindig you’re looking forward to capping off the summer with. 

So what makes a basic end-of-summer sangria? A sangria is traditionally made up of red wine, chopped fruit and brandy, that has been steeped for 1-2 hours and served over ice. From boxed to bottled, we’re bringing you our five fave sangria-friendly wines and how we’d spin them into a refreshing and unique sangria.

  1. La Nevera Seleccíon Especial Rosado – Aside from the fact that boxed wine is our new best friend, this scrumptious rosé is incredibly well-balanced with notes of cherry and strawberry.
Wanna mix this up?

Throw this in a pitcher for two hours with:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Green apples
  • Orange liqueur
  • Basil

Serve with charcuterie for an instant fan favorite pairing.

Format: Boxed
Volume: 3L
Price: $18.98

  1. El Cortijillo Tempranillo – This easy-drinking red will give you the confidence you need to pronounce “tempranillo” correctly. At 13% ABV, this cranberry- and currant-forward red is the perfect base for a traditional red sangria

Wanna mix this up?

Steep it in the refrigerator for one to two hours with

  • Chopped apples
  • Fresh orange slices
  • Brandy
  • A few tablespoons of brown sugar

Format: Bottle
Volume: 750 mL
Price: $7.98

  1. Encostas do Lima Vinho Verde – Have you ever taken a sip ofa crisp white wine and thought, “this is what summer tastes like?” This vinho verde is exactly that! With a hint of spritz and a whole lotta freshness, the juicy green apple, pear and lime aromas deliver relief on a hot summer day.

Wanna mix this up?

For the perfect white wine sangria, we’d brew this baby with

  • Fresh lemons and limes
  • Rosemary
  • Orange liqueur
  • A few tablespoons of agave.

Mama mia! 

Format: Bottle
Volume: 750 mL
Price: $10.98

  1. La Nevera Seleccíon Especial Red Blend – Juicy and dark berry flavors marry with the tart cherry to deliver a truly sippable wine.
Wanna mix this up?

Mix this red blend with handfuls of

  • Tangy blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (these will amplify the fruity and succulent flavors in this bad boy).
  • Top it off with brandy and sliced oranges

Voila – you have yourself the perfect sangria to pair with grilled pork chops!

Format: Boxed
Volume: 3L
Price: $18.98

  1. Encostas Vinho Verde Rosé – A few sips of this Iberian rosé and you’ll see why we picked this for our Peach & Strawberry Rosé Sangria. Notes of citrus and fresh strawberries make this the ideal match for Palisade peaches and orange liqueur.

Wanna mix this up?

Follow our full recipe here.

Format: Bottle
Volume: 750 mL
Price: $10.98


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molly's spirits deviation gin

Calling All Gin Enthusiasts!

Meet our latest collaboration…Deviation Distilling Barrel Reserve Spice Trade Gin: Molly’s Private Blend 750ml

About The Hand Blended Whiskey Barrel Rested Gin:
This was one of the most hands-on collaborations we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of! Because each botanical Deviation Distilling uses is distilled separately, six Molly’s team members were able to create their own blend of the seven botanicals used in Deviation’s Spice Trade Gin. A blind taste test of all six gins was held and two favorites were selected. After some fine-tuning, a gin we all loved and thought would age well in our Distillery 291 High Rye barrels was created. From there we were involved in filling the barrels, tasting the gin at various points in the aging process, and in the bottling of the finished gin.

The Botanicals Used:
There are 7 different botanicals in this gin: juniper, lemon, Thai basil, ginger, peppercorns (predominantly Szechuan peppercorns), cardamom, and star anise.

Tasting Notes:
You’ll get hints of candied lemon peel, warm rye spice, and subtle vanilla in this full-bodied gin.

Imbibe on the rocks but also try it in a gin Manhattan. Because this private gin was aged in high rye barrels, we believe you can sub it in for any traditional whiskey cocktail. The barrel character also really complements the honey in a Bee’s Knees cocktail.

This Molly’s Private Blend is $39.99. Find on display by our tasting bar and in Spirits Lane #5 while supplies last! 

If you’re a spirits enthusiast, sign up to be part of Molly’s Spirits Club and you’ll be the first to know about single barrel releases and hard to find spirits.

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season pass holder deal

Flash Your Pass | Ski Season 2018-19 Kickoff

season pass holder deal

Back by popular demand! Molly’s is an excellent first stop for all of your mountain adventures this winter. We’re located right off the highway so you can stock up before you head for the hills. Avoid sticker shock on booze you’ll find in mountain towns, and get wine, beer and liquor specials on over 12,000 products. All Colorado season ski pass holders can receive 10% off all of their purchases from 11/7/18 to 1/10/19!

Here are the details:

  • It must be a full season pass for the 2018-2018 year (no 2-day, 7-day, etc. passes). If you have questions about what passes are accepted beyond this, please reach out. The Epic Local, Ikon Base Pass or a single mountain season pass are examples of acceptable passes.
  • This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. If an item is already over 10% off, you cannot combine the sale price with an additional 10% off.
  • This offer expires end of day on 1/10/2019.
  • Your Season Pass must be present at purchase!
  • You must sign up or be an existing Molly’s Rewards member. (AKA our free loyalty program.)


We’re located right off I70 & Sheridan! Easy access when hitting the slopes!

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Drink for a Cause this November

Drinking for a Cause this November

Drink for a Cause this November


‘Tis the season for spreading joy and giving back! Join us this November as we #DrinkForACause. You know you’re going to be having a few drinks this holiday season anyway so you might as well do it with purpose. To kick things off, we’ve partnered with three brands and three great nonprofits this month:

  1. Coors Light and Coors Banquet 24pk cans // $1 from every case sold at Molly’s will be donated to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.  Coors and Molly’s will each match 50¢. Campaign expires 11/19/18.
  2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka (1 liter, 750ml and 1.75L) // $2 from from every bottle of Tito’s Vodka sold will be donated to Colorado Pet Pantry. Tito’s and Molly’s will each match $1. Campaign expires 11/30/18.
  3.  Infinite Monkey Theorem 750ml bottles // $1 from every 750ml of Infinite Monkey Theorem sold at Molly’s will be donated to Food Bank of the Rockies.  IMT and Molly’s will each match 50¢. Campaign expires 11/30/18.
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passport program

Denver Winter Passport | Gift Card Giveaway

denver winter passport giftcard giveaway

denver winter passport mollys giveaway*UPDATE – GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED – Thanks to all who submitted entries!* Denver Passport people! We’ve got something special going on for you. Get 30 or more Denver Winter Passport stamps and enter to win a $350 liquor store gift card to Molly’s Spirits.  A bougie bottle of wine, some amaro, fancy beers or perhaps even a nice bottle of whiskey are some of the things you’ll be able to #TreatYourself to if you win this giveaway.

Pssst…. If you’re reading through this blog post and have yet to purchase your Winter Passport, do it now here. You’ll thank us later!

Once you’ve racked up 2-for-1 deals on Denver’s hippest bars and restaurants, come back to this page and enter for a chance to win the $350 gift card! To enter fill out the form below.

IMPORTANT DETAILS: Must be 21+ to enter the liquor store gift card giveaway and live in the Denver area (locals only, sorry!). Only enter if you have 30 or more stamps. Molly’s will require the winner to show proof that you have 30 or more stamps in your 2018/19 Denver Winter Passport. Fill out the form by 4/19/2019 for a chance to win. We will be selecting a winner by 4/23/2019.


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Tequila Mezcal Blog Pics

Tequila & Mezcal: Our Spirits of Summer

Tequila Mezcal Blog Pics

We are huge tequila and mezcal fans – so much so that we’ve dubbed them our spirits of summer! And with National Tequila Day fast approaching (Tuesday, July 24th), it seemed appropriate to put together a list of top tequila and mezcal brands that our team members enjoy!

But before we get to that list, let’s go over the main differences between tequila and mezcal. Any spirit distilled from the agave plant is considered mezcal, but tequila must be made from the blue agave plant. Therefore tequila is technically a mezcal, but not all mezcals are tequila. Tequila and mezcals are produced in different regions and distilled and labeled differently. Mezcal traditionally has a very unique, smoky flavor that makes it fairly easy to distinguish from tequila. Got it? Here are our top tequila brands and mezcal favorites…

Picked by: Kyle
750ml Was $42.99 | NOW $29.99

The folks behind Casamigos wanted to make a smooth tequila that could be enjoyed straight or on the rocks, and they apparently succeeded because it passed Kyle’s test! Casamigos Blanco is crisp and clean with hints of citrus, vanilla and sweet agave, with a long smooth finish.

Picked by: Justin
750ml $47.99

Another good one to sip. Herradura Añejo is smooth with notes of toasted oak and dried fruit. A rich and spiced tequila like this pairs well with dessert – especially something sweet, like chocolate!

Picked by: Debbie
750ml $35.49

Infused with locally sourced fresh jalapeños, Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila was designed for making Jalapeño Margaritas and great for whenever you want to spice up a cocktail. Debbie recommends mixing Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila with ginger beer, pineapple juice, and a little bit of lime for a Spicy Mule!

Picked by: Jessica
750ml $35.99

Del Maguey VIDA is an approachable introduction to mezcal! It’s easy sipping and its entry-level price point makes it a great choice for those new to mezcal. It has a nose of fruit, a hint of honey, vanilla and roast agave; the palate offers ginger, cinnamon, burnt sandalwood, banana and tangerine, with a long, soft finish. It can be enjoyed on its own, but its flavor profile makes it great for cocktails. Del Maquey Mezcals are twice distilled and unblended from 100% mature agave Espadín and are produced in the original, 500-year-old, hand-crafted, artisanal way. There are no chemicals, colorings, or additives.

Picked by: Emily
750ml $50.99

Mezcal Vago’s mezcals are also naturally made with no additives. The labels are super cool – on the front of every bottle, all the information is there about who made it, what agave, details in the process, size of batch and more. Mezcal Vago Espadín is fruit-forward with a burst of citrus, tangerines and honey crisp apples. A touch of licorice and another of smoke linger on the finish.

Picked by: Jaylee
750ml $51.99

Cráneo Organic Mezcal is a single village artisanal mezcal handcrafted in the heartland of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Classically structured on the nose with sweet barbecue smoke and hints of citrus, Cráneo is light and silky in body with flavors of orange and grapefruit peel, green banana, and spun sugar that punctuate a modestly-sweet smokiness. Jaylee’s summer cocktail of choice – a Coin Margarita made with Cráneo Organic Mezcal, Cointreau, lime juice, and a little bit of salt on the rim.

If you have questions about the differences between tequila vs mezcal, feel free to contact us or pay us a visit.

Now that you have some inspiration for your next Molly’s trip…here’s how you can save! Are you a Denver Passport holder? Not only does the Denver Passport get you 2-for-1 beverage specials at dozens of bars, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries all summer long, it will also get you 15% off a purchase of any agave spirit! Look for our ad on page 32. Don’t have one? Click here to get your Denver Passport!

Shop for tequila and mezcal in Denver at Molly’s Spirits! Our extensive tequila selection can be found on Spirits Lane #4 and mezcals are located on Spirits Lane #3. Plan on making a margarita with your agave spirit? We’ve got seven recipes for you right here.

If you want to learn more about the history and types of agave spirits, get to know our friend tequila!

All prices limited to stock on hand. Molly’s Spirits reserves the right to limit quantities. Prices are subject to change.

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Cocktails Recipes From Eat Denver’s Big Eat 2018

Showcasing Denver’s top independent restaurants organized by neighborhood, The Big Eat marks the opening of Slow Food Nations weekend and a banner year for Denver’s dining scene. Guests enjoy bites and sips from 65+ of Denver’s best restaurants and bars under the canopy of The Galleria at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, and support Eat Denver’s efforts to strengthen our independent restaurant community and continue elevating the dining scene through collaboration.

Molly’s is participating in The Big Eat 2018 as the cocktail bar sponsor! Almost all of the ingredients featured in the six craft cocktails are available at Molly’s! Here are the recipes:


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Valentine's Gifts for him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

It’s Valentine’s season – do you still need a gift for your significant other? Before you put together another coupon book that you secretly hope he won’t use, here are a few alcohol Valentine’s Day gifts he’ll enjoy and hopefully share (no arts and crafts involved).  We hope you’ll enjoy our list of alcohol gifts for him!

Valentine's Day Gift for him

For The Mixologist

Träkál: The Spirit of Patagonia – $33.99 Find Along Spirits Wall
Nooku Bourbon Cream – $29.99 Find Along Spirits Wall
Ol’ Major Bacon Bloody Mary Gift Set- $37.99 Find In: Aisle B, Lane 2

Wine For The Win

Mancan Wine – $4.98 each Find In: Aisle B, Lane 13
Broc Cellars Love Red Rhone Blend – $24.99 Find In: Aisle B, Lane 4
LO-VE Garnacha – $12.98 Find In: Aisle B, Lane 9

For The Beer Guy

The Larimer Beer Company Regulators Hazy IPA – $10.99/6pk Find In: Cooler Door #23
Bull & Bush Man Beer IPA- $5.49/ea Find In: Bomber Room
Great Divide The Smoothness Barrel Aged Dark Lager – $10.49/ea Find In: Aisle B, Lane 17

Who Doesn’t Love Bourbon?

Maker’s 46 Bourbon Gift Set – $32.99 (Our February Spirit of the Month!) Find In: Spirits #2
Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey 750ml – $35.99 Find In: Colorado Spirits Section
Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon 750ml – $51.99 Find In: Spirits #2

All prices limited to stock on hand. Molly’s Spirits reserves the right to limit quantities. Prices are subject to change.

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2017 mollys donations recap

Molly’s Community Involvement: 2017 Recap

A quick toast to 2017… It’s been a big year at Molly’s Spirits. We’ve grown our team, expanded our offerings and will be rolling out new ways for you to shop in the next few months. We couldn’t have done it without you all, so thank you! One aspect we’re especially proud of from 2017 is our community contributions and involvement, so we thought we would share those milestones:molly's spirits 2017 donations

◼️ 125: The number of charities & nonprofit organizations Molly’s supported this year
◼️ $18,600: Amount donated through silent auction items, gift cards, product, discounts & in-kind donations
◼️ $16,500: Amount raised for Family Tree through Molly’s Annual Rare Whiskey Auction
◼️ 38: The number of local events we sponsored, hosted & were involved with in 2017
We were fortunate enough to support organizations in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Denver, Lakeside, Lakewood, Morrison and Evergreen. We supported everything from animal rescues, to school fundraisers, to cultural assets of our city (i.e. Denver Art Museum) and everything in between. We look forward to serving our local community through wine, spirits & beer on an even bigger level in 2018! Happy New Year everyone!

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staff picks - featured blog square

Staff Picks: The Best Drinks To Get You Through The Holidays

Holiday presents purchased and travel plans solidified? Have you found a gift for your boss? The holidays are filled with making decisions and frankly, it can be quite overwhelming! Well we’ve got good news. The Molly’s team is here to help make some of those decisions easier with a list of wine, liquor, and whiskey gift ideas! From what to sip on while you’re prepping for company to what to tackle a post-holiday hangover with, Molly’s has you covered!

Molly's Staff Holiday Picks

Best Drink for Cleaning House:

A hard seltzer like Truly Spiked & Sparkling – Jaylee 
Find in: Cooler Door #7
Variety 12pk: $18.49 | Sale $15.99

Best Drink for Meal Prepping:

19 Crimes Shiraz – Jeanette
Find in: Lane 11, Aisle A
$11.98 | Sale $7.98

Best Hostess Gift:

A great wine – DJ
Use our Holiday Wine Gift Guide to narrow down your choices!

Best Drink for a Mountain Holiday Trip:

Wibby Brewing Double Dunkel – Tony
Tony’s Tasting Notes: Lighter in body with lots of malt flavor. Chocolate and coffee notes are balanced for a smooth Winter brew!
Find in: Cooler Door #17

Best Gift for your Boss:

Don Julio 1942 – Kyle
Find in: High End Hooch Cabinet
$119.99 | Sale $115.99

Best Gift for a Corporate Client:

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Chants
Find in: High End Hooch Cabinet
$249.99 | Sale $189.99

Best Dessert Wine or Beer:

Castello del Poggio Moscato – Madison
Find in: Lane 8, Aisle D
$12.98 | Sale $10.98

Best Drink to Prepare you for Awkward Family Conversations:

An 80 – 100 Proof Spirit – Joe P.
Might we suggest Molly’s Woody Creek Rye Single Barrel? This single barrel is quite the anomaly for a 100 proof rye whiskey! Made from 100% Colorado rye and aged for four years in new American oak, this rye mash whiskey is extraordinarily smooth, earthy, and creamy with a soft mouthfeel.
Find in: Spirits 2

Best Drink for a Hangover:

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix and Kettle One Vodka – Kellie
Zing Zang 32oz Bloody Mary Mix
Find in: Mixer Section Along Back Wall
1.75l Kettle One Vodka
Find Along Vodka Wall
$43.99 | $33.99

Best Drink for a Vegetarian/Vegan Holiday:

Meinklang Wines – Jessica
Produced on a biodynamic, organic wine estate, Meinklang wines are made without using additives and fining agents derived from animal products such as egg white, fish bladder and gelatine. Molly’s carries Meinklang Pinot Noir, Burgenland White and Red, as well as Meinklang Frizzante Rosé.
Find in: Organic Wine Section – Lane 1, Aisle B
Meinklang Burgenland Red: $16.98 | Sale $14.98
Meinklang Burgenland White: $16.98 | Sale $14.98
Meinklang Pinot Noir: $19.98 | Sale $17.98
Meinklang Frizzante Rosé: $19.98 | Sale $17.98

Best Drink if you’re Hosting Family:

Larmandier-Bernier, Longitude, Blanc de Blanc, Premier Cru, NV – Scott
“Perfect as an apéritif, its freshness, its frankness, its mineral quality will give you an appetite.” – Champagne Larmandier-Bernier
Find in: Lane 3, Aisle A
$57.98 | Sale $47.98
Searching for the perfect bubbly? See our top 10 champagne suggestions here.

Best Gift for a White Elephant Party:

Stillhouse Whiskey – Greg
Want to bring the gift everyone fights over? Not only does Stillhouse Whiskey come in adorable packaging, but there’s also plenty of fun flavors to choose from like Peach Tea, Mint Chip, Coconut, Spiced Cherry, and Apple Crisp. They also make great stocking stuffers!
Find in: Spirits 3
750ml: $29.99 | Sale $19.99
375ml: $19.99 | Sale $11.99

Best Drink if you’re Hosting a Friendsgiving:

Mulled Red Wine – Rachel
You can find a recipe for “the warm winter cousin to sangria” here.

Best Drink for a Work Party:

An Aperol Spritz
The Italian aperitif is an easy sipper yet lowish on the alcohol content, making you less likely to be the one everyone is talking about at the water cooler on Monday. We’ve got a recipe for you right here.

Best Drink for a Tropical Holiday Trip:

A Mai Tai – LK
You can find our recipe for this classic drink here.

Best Drink to Enjoy by a Fire:

A Molly’s Boulevardier – Spirits Team
You can find our twist on the Boulevardier here.

All prices limited to stock on hand. Molly’s Spirits reserves the right to limit quantities. Prices are subject to change.

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