Kegs in Denver

Available Kegs

In-stock kegs are sold on a first come, first serve basis, no holds or reservations on in-stock kegs. The table to the right shows what we have currently in-stock. To buy one of these in-stock kegs, please come in to the store – no holds or ordering.

See below for our keg ordering policy, what kegs are available to order, and the order form.

Keg Options

Molly’s Spirits offers beer kegs in a variety of sizes, such as half barrel kegs, quarter barrel kegs (AKA a pony keg), and sixth barrel kegs. We offer competitive keg prices for Denver, Lakeside, West Highlands and Berkeley residents.

When you think of your average beer keg, the half barrel keg is probably what comes into your mind. Whether for catering or keg stands, this full size keg is the largest we carry for our customers.

Quarter barrel kegs, or pony kegs, are the same width as a full barrel but roughly 10″ shorter in height. Sure, it’s a little short and stubby in size but the pony keg will hold the equivalent of 62 pints or 82 bottles of beer.

Sixth barrel kegs are commonly used for personal use in dual or triple-tap kegerators. This smaller sized keg functions just like their larger counterparts with the only difference being that it holds less beer than other types of kegs.  Shop for your favorite keg beer in Denver and check out our exclusive beer weekly specials at Molly’s Spirits!

Our Keg Policy

  • Keg Special Orders/Reservations MUST be placed by Tuesday 12:00PM for Friday pickup
  • Kegs are subject to vendor availability and may not be in stock, not all kegs available year round
  • Keg prices subject to change
  • In-stock kegs are sold on a first come, first serve basis, no holds or reservations on in-stock kegs
  • All kegs sales final, no returns or exchanges for any reason
  • Not all kegs take the same tap/coupler it is the customer’s responsibility to know the proper connection for the specific keg. 95% of American brewed kegs take a type “D” standard American coupler, however most import beers take a different type coupler.

Find Your Brew

BrandStyle/NameAvailable Size
AbitaPurple Haze1/2
AbitaTurbo Dog1/2
AC GoldenColorado Native1/2, 1/6
AC GoldenNative IPL1/2
AceApple Cider1/2
AceJoker Cider1/2
AcePerry Cider1/2
AlaskanAmber Ale1/2, 1/6
AlaskanWhite Ale1/2
AlaskanFreeride APA1/2
AlaskanSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
AnchorCalifornia Lager1/2, 1/6
Anderson ValleyOatmeal Stout1/2
Anderson ValleyBoont Amber Ale1/2
Anderson ValleyHop Ottin IPA1/2
Anderson ValleyHeelch O Hops DIPA1/2
Anderson ValleySeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
Anderson ValleyBourbon Barrel Stout1/2, 1/6
Angry OrchardCrisp Apple Cider1/2, 1/6
AtwaterDirty Blonde1/6
AtwaterHopApeel1/2, 1/6
AtwaterJava Porter1/2, 1/6
AveryIPA1/2, 1/6
AveryWhite Rascal1/2, 1/6
AveryOut of Bounds Stout1/2, 1/6
AveryJoe's Pils1/2, 1/6
AveryHog Heaven1/2, 1/6
AveryThe Reverend1/2, 1/6
AverySalvation1/2, 1/6
AverySeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
AveryMaharaja/Kaiser/Czar (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
AyingerCelebrator Dopple Bock1/4
Ballast PointBig Eye IPA1/2
Ballast PointCalico Amber Ale1/2
Ballast PointDorado DIPA1/6
Ballast PointGrunion Pale Ale1/2
Ballast PointPale Ale1/2
Ballast PointSculpin IPA1/2, 1/6
Ballast PointVictory at Sea1/2, 1/6
BassPale Ale1/2
Bear RepublicHop Rod Rye1/2
Bear RepublicRacer 5 IPA1/2
Bear RepublicRed Rocket Ale1/2
BelhavenScottish Ale1/2
Big SkyIPA1/2
Big SkyMoose Drool1/2
Big SkyScape Goat1/2
Big SkyTrout Slayer1/2
Big SkySeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
Birra MorettiLa Rossa1/6
Birra MorettiLager1/6
BlackthorneDry Blackthorne Cider1/2
Blue MoonWhite1/2, 1/6
Blue MoonSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
BoddingtonsPub Ale1/2
BonfireBrush Creek Blonde1/2
BonfireDemshitz Brown1/2
BonfireFirestarter IPA1/2
BoulderBuff Gold1/2, 1/6
BoulderShake Porter1/2
BoulderHazed and Infused1/2, 1/6
BoulderMojo IPA1/2
BoulderSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
BoulevardTank 71/6
BoulevardWheat1/2, 1/6
BreckenridgeAvalanche1/2, 1/6
BreckenridgeLucky U IPA1/2, 1/6
BreckenridgeVanilla Porter1/2, 1/6
BreckenridgeAgave Wheat1/2, 1/6
BreckenridgeSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
BridgeportKingpin Double Red1/2
BristolHoney Wheat1/2
BristolLaughing Lab1/2, 1/4
BudLight1/2, 1/4
BudLight Lime1/2
BudweiserBudweiser1/2, 1/4
BudweiserBlack Crown1/2
Bull and BushBig Ben Brown1/2
Bull and BushMan Beer IPA1/2
Bull and BushTower ESB1/2
Bull and BushAllgood Amber1/2
Colorado Cider CompanyCherry Cider1/2, 1/6
Colorado Cider CompanyGlider Cider1/2, 1/6
Colorado Cider CompanyGlider Cider Dry1/2, 1/6
Colorado Cider CompanyGrasshop-ah Cider1/2, 1/6
Colorado Cider CompanyPear Snickety Cider1/2, 1/6
CoorsLight1/2, 1/4
CoronadoIslander IPA1/2, 1/6
CoronadoOrange Ave Wit1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainAmber Ale1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainCara Luna Black1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainH&H ESB1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainHookiebob IPA1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainLava Lake Wit1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainLawyers, Guns, and Money Barleywine1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainMountain Livin Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainNeomexicanus1/2, 1/6
Crazy MountainOld Soul1/2, 1/6
CrispinOriginal Cider1/2
CrispinPear Cider1/2
Denver Beer CoGraham Cracker Porter1/6
Denver Beer CoSun Drenched1/6
Denver Beer CoIncredible Pedal IPA1/6
DeschutesBlack Butte Porter1/2, 1/6
DeschutesChainbreaker White IPA1/2, 1/6
DeschutesInversion IPA1/2, 1/6
DeschutesMirror Pond Pale1/2, 1/6
DeschutesSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
DeschutesFresh Squeezed IPA1/6
DestihlHere Gose Nothin1/2, 1/6
DestihlHoperation DIPA1/6
DestihlVertex IPA1/2, 1/6
Dogfish Head90 Minute IPA1/2, 1/6
Dogfish HeadBurton Baton IPA1/6
Dogfish HeadMidas Touch1/6
Dogfish HeadNamaste1/2
Dogfish HeadPalo Santo Marron1/6
Dogfish HeadSixty One IPA1/6
Dos EquiesLager1/2
Dos EquiesAmber1/2
Dry DockApricot Blonde1/2, 1/6
Dry DockHop Abomination1/2, 1/6
Dry DockAmber Ale1/2, 1/6
Dry DockHefeweizen1/2, 1/6
Dry DockVanilla Porter1/2, 1/6
Duchessede Bourgogne1/6
DundeeHoney Brown1/2, 1/6
EddylineCrank Yanker IPA1/2, 1/6
EddylineRiver Runner Pale1/2, 1/6
EddylineJolly Roger Black Lager1/2, 1/6
Elevation8 second Kolsch1/2, 1/6
ElevationApis IV1/2, 1/6
ElevationFirst Cast IPA1/2, 1/6
ElevationLittle Mo Porter1/2, 1/6
Epic825 State Stout1/2, 1/4
EpicBarley Wine1/4
EpicBlue Ski Lager1/2
EpicBrainless Belgian Ale1/2, 1/4
EpicBrainless on Cherries1/2
EpicBrainless IPA1/2, 1/4
EpicBrainless on Peaches1/4
EpicBrainless on Raspberries1/2, 1/4
EpicCopper Cone Pale Ale1/2, 1/4
EpicEscape to Colorado IPA1/2, 1/4
EpicHopulent IPA1/2, 1/4
EpicImperial IPA1/4
EpicImperial Red Ale1/4
EpicImperial Stout1/4
EpicLil' Brainless Raspberries1/2, 1/4
EpicMid Mountain Mild1/2, 1/4
EpicRino Pale Ale1/2
EstrellaDamm Lager1/4
Firestone WalkerDBA1/2
Firestone WalkerDouble Jack IPA1/2
Firestone WalkerPivo Pils1/2, 1/6
Firestone WalkerUnion Jack IPA1/2, 1/6
Firestone WalkerWookey Jack Rye IPA1/2
Flying DogRaging Bitch1/2
Fort CollinsChocolate Stout1/2, 1/6
Fort CollinsRed Banshee1/2, 1/6
Fort CollinsRocky Mountain IPA1/2, 1/6
Full SailAmber Ale1/2
Full SailIPA1/2
Full SailSession Red (lager)1/2, 1/6
Full SailSession IPA1/2, 1/6
Full SailSession Black Lager1/2
FullersLondon Porter1/2
FullersLondon Pride1/2
FunkwerksDeciet Golden Ale1/6
FunkwerksSaison1/2, 1/6
FunkwerksTropic King1/6
FunkwerksTropic King1/2
GenesseGenny Cream Ale1/2
George KillianRed1/2, 1/6
George KillianStout1/2
Goose Island312 Wheat1/2, 1/6
Goose IslandHonkers Ale1/2, 1/6
Goose IslandIPA1/2, 1/6
Goose IslandMatilda1/6
Goose IslandSofie1/6
Grand TetonBitch Creek1/2, 1/6
Grand TetonSweetgrass IPA1/2, 1/6
Great DivideTitan IPA1/2, 1/6
Great DivideDenver Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
Great DivideLasso IPA1/2, 1/6
Great DivideCollette Farmhouse Ale1/2, 1/6
Great DivideNomad Pilsner1/2, 1/6
Great DivideClaymore Scotch Ale1/2, 1/6
Great DivideHoss Rye Lager1/2, 1/6
Great DivideHercules DIPA1/2, 1/6
Great DivideYeti Imperial Stout1/2, 1/6
Great DivideSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
Great DivideTank Farm Seasonal (depends on availability)1/6
Great DivideYeti Seasonal (depends on availability)1/6
Green FlashDouble Stout1/2, 1/6
Green FlashHop Head Red1/2, 1/6
Green FlashImperial IPA1/2, 1/6
Green FlashLe Freak1/2, 1/6
Green FlashSoul Style IPA1/2, 1/6
Green FlashWest Coast IPA1/2, 1/6
Greene KingOld Spekled Hen1/2
GuinnessDraught1/2, 1/6
Hacker PschorrDunkel1/2
Hacker PschorrWeiss1/2
Hacker PschorrDunkel Weiss1/2
HoegaardenWhite Ale1/2
JK ScrumpyHard Cider1/6
Johnny AppleseedCider1/2, 1/6
JulianHard Cider1/2
Kannah CreekBroken Oar IPA1/2
Kannah CreekLands End Amber1/2
Kannah CreekSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
Kirin IchibanLager1/2, 1/4
KonaBig Wave1/2
KonaFire Rock1/2
KonaLongboard Lager1/2
Konig LudwigWeissbier1/2
Konig LudwigDunkelweiss1/2
LabattBlue Light1/2
LagunitasIPA1/2, 1/4
LagunitasDog Town Pale1/2
LagunitasLil Sumthin Sumthin1/2
LagunitasSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
LandsharkLager1/2, 1/6
LefebvreBlanche De Bruxelles1/2
Left CoastHop Juice IPA1/2
Left CoastTrestles IPA1/2
Left CoastUna Mas Amber1/2
Left HandBlack Jack Porter1/2
Left HandMilk Stout1/2, 1/6
Left HandMilk Stout Nitro *need setup1/2, 1/6
Left HandPolestar Pilsner1/2, 1/6
Left HandSawtooth Ale1/2, 1/4, 1/6
Left HandSawtooth Nitro *need setup1/2
LeinenkugelSeasonal Shandy (depends on availability)1/2
Lost AbbeyAvant Garde1/6
Lost AbbeyDevotion1/6
Lost AbbeyLost and Found1/6
Lost AbbeyRed Barn1/2, 1/6
Magic Hat#91/2
MendicinoEye of the Hawk1/2
MendicinoRed Tail Ale1/2
MichelobAmber Bock1/6
MichelobUltra1/2, 1/6
MichelobAmber Bock1/2
MillerGenuine Draft1/2
MillerHigh Life1/2
MissionEl Conquistador Extra Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
MissionIPA1/2, 1/6
MissionShipwrecked DIPA1/2, 1/6
MissionHefeweizen1/2, 1/6
MissionAmber1/2, 1/6
MissionBlonde1/2, 1/6
MissionDark Seas Imperial Stout1/2, 1/6
Murphey'sIrish Stout1/4
Murphey'sIrish Red1/4
Napa SmithHopageddon1/6
Napa SmithOrganic IPA1/6
NebraskaBrunette Brown Ale1/2
NebraskaCardinal Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
NebraskaIPA1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumFat Tire1/2, 1/4, 1/6
New BelgiumSunshine Wheat1/2, 1/6
New Belgium1554 black ale1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumSnapshot Wheat1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumShift Lager1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumBlue Paddle Pils1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumAbbey Ale1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumSlow Ride1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumTrippel1/2, 1/6
New BelgiumRanger IPA1/2, 1/6
New HollandDragon's Milk1/6
New HollandMad Hatter IPA1/2
NewcastleBrown *Euro Tap1/2
NewcastleSeasonal (depends on availability) *Euro Tap1/2
NinkasiDawn of the Red1/2
NinkasiTotal Domination IPA1/2, 1/4
NinkasiTricerahops DIPA1/2, 1/4
North CoastOld Rasputin RIS1/6
Odell90 Shilling1/2, 1/4
OdellEasy Street1/2, 1/4
Odell5 Barrel Pale Ale1/2, 1/4
OdellCutthroat Porter1/2, 1/4
OdellLoose Leaf Session Ale1/2, 1/4
OdellIPA1/2, 1/4
OdellMyrcenary1/2, 1/4
OdellSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/4
OdellLugene/Dbl Pils/Mt Stan (depends on availability)1/2, 1/4
O'HarasIrish Red1/2
O'HarasIrish Stout1/2
O'HarasLeann Follain1/2
OmmegangAbbey Ale1/2, 1/6
OmmegangHop House1/2
OmmegangThree Philosophers1/6
Oskar BluesPinner1/2, 1/6
Oskar BluesDales Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
Oskar BluesOld Chub1/2, 1/6
Oskar BluesMama's Little Yella Pils1/2, 1/6
Oskar BluesG'Knight1/2, 1/6
Oskar BluesDevient Dales1/2
Oskar BluesDevient Dales1/6
PabstBlue Ribbon1/2
PalmSpeciale Ale *Euro Tap1/2
PaulanerMunich Lager1/2
PaulanerPremium Pils1/2
PeroniLager1/2, 1/4
PetrusAged Pale *Euro Tap1/4
Pilsner UrquelPilsner1/2
PortMongo IPA1/6
PortShark Attack Red IPA1/6
PortWipeout IPA1/6
ProstWeissbier1/2, 1/6
ProstKolsch1/2, 1/6
ProstPilsner1/2, 1/6
ProstDunkel1/2, 1/6
Pug Ryan'sDeadeye Dunkel1/2, 1/6
Pug Ryan'sHideout Helles1/2, 1/6
Pug Ryan'sPeacemaker Pils1/2, 1/6
Pug Ryan'sMorning Wood Wheat1/2, 1/6
Pug Ryan'sOutlaw Vanilla Stout1/2, 1/6
PyramidApricot Weizen1/2
PyramidOutburst IPA1/6
Red HookESB1/2
Red HookKCCO Lager (seasonal)1/2
Red HookLong Hammer IPA1/2, 1/6
ReddsApple Ale1/2
RenegadeConsilium Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
RenegadeElevation Triple IPA1/2, 1/6
RenegadeRedacted Rye IPA1/2, 1/6
River NorthIPA1/2
River NorthJ. Marie Farmhouse1/6
River NorthQuandry Quad1/6
River NorthWhite Ale1/2, 1/6
RogueAmerican Amber Ale1/2
RogueDead Guy Ale1/2
RogueHazelnut Brown Nectar1/2
RogueJuniper Pale Ale1/2
RogueShakespeare Stout1/2
Rolling RockLager1/2
Samuel AdamsBoston Lager1/2, 1/6
Samuel AdamsCherry Wheat1/2, 1/6
Samuel AdamsSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
Samuel AdamsRebel IPA1/2
Santa FeHappy Camper IPA1/2, 1/6
Santa FeJava Stout1/2, 1/6
ShinerBock1/2, 1/4
ShinerPremium Beer1/2
ShinerRuby Redbird1/2
ShinerWhite Wing1/2
ShinerSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
Shock TopWhite1/2, 1/6
Shock TopApple Wheat1/2
Shock TopRaspberry1/2
Sierra NevadaPale Ale1/2, 1/6
Sierra NevadaTorpedo1/2, 1/6
Sierra NevadaKellerweis1/2, 1/6
Sierra NevadaHop Hunter1/2, 1/6
Sierra NevadaNooner Pils1/2, 1/6
Sierra NevadaSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
Sir PerryCider *Euro Tap1/2
SkaTrue Blonde1/2, 1/6
SkaBuster Nut Brown1/2, 1/6
SkaESB1/2, 1/6
SkaPinstripe Red1/2, 1/6
SkaSteel Toe Stout1/2, 1/6
SkaModus Hoperandi1/2, 1/6
SkaMole Stout (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
SkaRudie Session IPA1/2, 1/6
SkaTrue Blonde Dubbel1/2, 1/6
SkaNefarious Ten Pin Porter1/2, 1/6
SkaDecadent IPA1/2, 1/6
SkaMexican Logger (depends on Availability)1/2, 1/6
SkaEuphoria Pale Ale (depends on Availability)1/2, 1/6
SkaMinthe Stout (depends on Availability)1/2, 1/6
SkaVinifera Stout (depends on Availability)1/2, 1/6
Smith and ForgeCider1/6
SmithwicksOriginal *Euro Tap1/2
SpeakeasyProhibition Amber Ale1/2, 1/6
SquattersRising IPA1/2
SquattersHop Rising Double IPA1/2
SquattersBumber Crop Honey Ale1/2
St. BernardusABT 121/6
SteamworksColorado Kolsch1/2, 1/6
SteamworksSteam Engine Lager1/2, 1/6
SteamworksThird Eye Pale Ale1/2, 1/6
StellaArtois1/2, 1/6
StellaCidre1/2, 1/6
StieglGoldbrau Lager1/2
StoneArrogant Bastard1/2, 1/6
StoneGo To IPA1/2
StoneIPA1/2, 1/6
StoneSmoked Porter1/2
StrongbowGold Cider *Euro Tap1/2
TellurideBridal Veil Rye1/2, 1/6
TellurideFacedown Brown1/2, 1/6
TellurideTempter IPA1/2, 1/6
TimmermansBour des Flandres *Euro Tap1/4
TimmermansStrawberry *Euro Tap1/4
Tommy KnockerMaple Nut Brown1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerImperial Maple Nut Brown1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerIPA & a Half1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerJack Wacker Wheat1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerVienna Amber1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerAlpine Glacier Lager1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerPick Axe IPA1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerButthead Bock1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
Tommy KnockerRoot Beer *Non-Alcoholic1/2, 1/6
TravelerIlusive Traveler1/2
TravelerCurious Traveler1/2
Trinity7 day sour1/2
TrinityFlo IPA1/2
TrumerPilsner1/2, 1/4
Twisted PineHop Zealot1/2, 1/6
Twisted PineHoppy Boy IPA1/2
Twisted PineRaspberry Wheat1/2
UintaDubhe Imperial Black IPA1/6
UintaHop Nosh IPA1/2
UintaBristlecone Brown1/2
UintaMonkshine Belgian Blonde1/2
UintaBaba Black Lager1/2
UintaWyld Extra Pale Ale1/2
UintaSeasonal (depends on availability)1/2
UintaDetour DIPA1/6
UpslopeBrown Ale1/2, 1/6
UpslopeCraft Lager1/2, 1/6
UpslopeImperial IPA1/6
UpslopeIPA1/2, 1/6
UpslopePale Ale1/2, 1/6
VictoryDirt Wolf DIPA1/2
VictoryGolden Monkey Tripel1/2
VictoryPrima Pils1/2
WasatchApple a Day Ale1/2
WasatchMVP Golden Ale1/2
WasatchGhost Rider IPA1/2, 1/6
WasatchDevastator Double Bock1/2, 1/6
WasatchPolygamy Porter Nitro (depends on availability)1/2, 1/6
WeihenstephanHefeweiss Dark *Euro Tap1/4
WeihenstephanHefeweiss *Euro Tap1/2
Wells and YoungDouble Chocolate Stout *Euro1/2
WidmerDrop Top Amber1/2
WidmerAlchemy Pale Ale1/2
WidmerUpheaval IPA1/2, 1/6
WoodchuckAmber Cider1/2, 1/6
WoodchuckPear Cider1/2
WoodchuckRaspberry Cider1/2
WoodchuckHopsation Cider1/2
WoodchuckSeasonal Cider (depends on availability)1/2
WoodchuckGumption Cider1/2
WydersPear Cider1/2
WydersRaspberry Cider1/2

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