Denver Liquor & Spirits

Molly’s Whiskey Selection: Quite Hotsy-Totsy

If you’ve been searching for a large liquor store, you are in luck Denver! Here at Molly’s we pride ourselves on having the best, widest range of whiskey on either side of the Rocky Mountains! We love helping our Berkeley, West Highlands and Lakeside residents pick something out they’re guaranteed to love. Between small batch bourbons like Pappy Van Winkle and Four Roses or household bourbons like Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, Bulleit, Crown Royal Label, Jim Beam and Seagrams, we have a bourbon to suit your liking at our liquor store in Denver, CO. Visit us at Molly’s to check out our entire selection of whiskey in Denver!

  • A.D Laws

  • Colorado Gold

  • Tin Cup

  • Blank & Booth

  • Fireside

  • 10th Mountain

  • Stranahan's

  • Feisty Spirits

  • FYR

  • Fireball

  • Basil Hayden's

  • Southern Comfort

  • Evan Williams Honey

  • Black Velvet

  • Jim Beam

  • George Dickel

  • Makers Mark

  • Knob Creek

  • Crown Royal

  • Bullet Rye

  • Jack Daniels

  • Four Roses

  • Buffalo Trace

We also boast an amazing scotch whisky selection, you can find brands like Johnnie Walker Blue, Johnnie Walker Black, Chivas Regal, and Dewars, with knowledgeable staff to help you make an informed purchase. Perhaps you’re looking for a good corn whiskey? Or maybe a rye whiskey? We have you covered there, too! Not only do we cover all of our bases with American whiskey’s, we also have an entire aisle dedicated to Irish whiskeys, such as Jameson, 2 Gingers and Kilbeggan.

  • Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

  • Laphroaig

  • Glenfiddich

  • Highland Park

  • The Glenrothes

  • The Macallan

  • Glenmorangie

Molly’s Vodka Selection: The Bee’s Knees

From potato to organic vodka, we offer a wide selection of many vodka variations at practically every price point. Looking for a flavorful vodka to make a masterful mixed drink? We have you covered there, too. Whether you’re sticking to a classics such as a Russian Standard vodka, or plan on trying something new like Mile High Spirits Elevate Vodka we can help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Elevate

  • Breckenridge

  • Spring 44

  • Fugu

  • Sobieski

  • Eimad Á Island Reyka

  • Effen

  • Grey Goose

  • Smirnoff Passion Fruit

  • Three Olives Loopy

  • Russian Standard Vodka

  • Absolut Mandarin

  • Deep Eddy

  • Svedka

  • Pinnacle

  • Tito's

  • booze.

  • Square One Basil

  • Jackelope and Jenny

Molly’s Moonshine Selection

  • Platte Valley

  • Colorado Sunshine

  • Midnight Moon

  • Old Smokey

  • Georgia Moon Apple Pie

  • Firefly

  • Old Smokey Road House

  • Old Smokey Blue Flame

  • Catdaddy

Molly’s Rum Selection: Keenly Amazing

Looking for a heavy-bodied white rum? Or possibly an oak cask aged golden rum? We have assortment of both. Molly’s also blusters a wide selection of traditional dark rums like Myers’s and Gosling’s, and of course spiced rums like Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan.

  • Malibu

  • Geek Spirits

  • Dancing Pines

  • Copper Muse

  • Parce Rum

  • Don Q

  • Beach Bar Rum

  • Sugar Island

  • The Kraken

  • Bacardi

  • Captain Morgan

Molly’s High-End Hooch Spread:

  • Louis XIII

  • Bernrinnes

  • Tun 1509

  • Redbreast 21yr

  • The Macallan 25yr

  • Don Julio Real

  • Del Maguey

  • Grand Marnier

  • Nolet's

  • Seleccion Suprema

  • Martell

  • Familia Serralles

Molly’s Gin Selection: The Cat’s Meow

Gin is an extremely versatile alcohol that works well in many drinks. For those of you that enjoy a classic gin cocktail from an old tom gin, sloe gin or even an artisan gin, Molly’s can help guide you to the right choice.

  • St. George

  • Death's Door

  • Hendrick's

  • Tanqueray

  • Bombay

Molly’s Tequila Selection: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Misunderstood by some, loved by others; tequila has become a staple in many craft margaritas and mixed drinks. Molly’s has everything from tequila silver and gold, to tequila reposado and añejo.

  • Deleon Tequila Reposado

  • Arta Tequila Reposado

  • Peligroso

  • Kah

  • Casamigos

  • Olmeca Altos

  • State 38

  • Patrón Citrónge

  • Jose Cuervo

  • 1800 Coconut

  • 1921 Tequila

  • Hornitos

  • Herradura

  • Creyente

  • Espolon

  • Patrón Silver

Molly’s Cognac, Brandy & Liqueur Selection

  • Contreau

  • Hennessy

  • di Amore

  • Jagermeister

  • Leopold Bros Peach Liqueur

  • Fruit Lab Hibiscus

Molly’s Vermouth Selection

  • Dolin

  • Martini

  • Antica Formula

  • Cocchi

Molly’s Absinthe Selection

  • Pernod

  • Leopold Bros

  • Grande Absente

  • Absente

  • Lucid

  • Trinity

  • Emperor Norton

Colorado Craft Distilleries

Just as distillers spend great time and patience choosing their ingredients and laboring over the distilling process itself, we too take great care in selecting the spirits you’ll find on our shelves. From hard-to-find brands to high-end labels, we pride ourselves on a distinctive selection of liquors from right here in Colorado.

  • Leopold Bros

  • A.D. Laws

  • Colorado Gold

  • Colorado Sunshine

  • Tin Cup

  • booze.

  • Blank & Booth

  • Fireside

  • Elevate

  • Breckenridge

  • Spring 44

  • 10th Mountain

  • Stranahan's

  • Feisty Spirits

  • FYR

  • Jackelope and Jenny