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Pop, Fizz, Clink! Your Champagne Guide for Ringing in 2017 is here!

We here at Molly’s Spirits take pride in the variety of bubbly options we have to offer, so we consulted our Wine Manager, Scott, for his top picks to ring in the New Year with. In this year’s guide, Scott educates us on “Grower Champagnes” and what they’ll bring to your NYE celebration!

This is our favorite time of year!

It is the time when friends and neighbors make the pilgrimage to their favorite wine store to find the fizzy nectar that they will toast a new year with.  There is a huge range out there and we’re proud to say that we’ve got it covered at Molly’s.  Whether you’re looking for sweet and frothy or focused and razor sharp or something in between; we have something for you.

We have great prices on domestic goodies.  Our shelves brim over with Tony Soter, Roederer Estate, Schramsberg, Argyle, Chandon, Mumm Napa, Gruet, Korbel, Totts, Cooks and many more.

The globe is well represented with sparkling goodness from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia and Greece.

If Champagne is your fancy, celebrate with great prices on Veuve Clicquot, Moet & Chandon, Billecart-Salmon, Perrier-Jouet, Piper Heidsiek, Louis Roederer, Salon, Ruinart, Pommery, Laurent-Perrier, Bollinger, Jacquesson, Taittinger, G.H. Mumm, Nicolas Feuillate, Po.l Roger and Henriot to mention a few.

The Champagnes that are most interesting, and have a dynamic character year to year, are the Recoltant Producer Champagnes also known as “Grower Champagnes”.

In the eloquent words of Terry Theise – Why Drink Grower Champagne?

  1. “You should drink Grower Champagne if you’ve forgotten that Champagne is WINE.
  2. You should drink “farmer-fizz” if you’d rather buy Champagne from a farmer than a factory.
  3.  You should drink it if you’d rather have a wine expressive of a vineyard, and the grower’s own connection to vineyard, than a wine “formed” by a marketing swami who’s studied to the nth-degree what you can be persuaded to “consume.” Do you really want to be reduced to a mere “consumer” when you can drink Champagne like a whole human being?
  4. You should drink Grower-Champagne if the individually distinctive flavors of terroir-driven wines matter more than the lowest-common-denominator pap served up by the mega conglomerates in the “luxury goods” business.
  5. You should drink it because it’s honest REAL wine grown and made by a vintner—by a FAMILY just like yours—by a “him,” not by an “it.” You should drink it because it’s better to buy wine from a person than from a company.
  6. You should drink it because its price is honestly based on what it costs to produce, not manipulated to account for massive PR and ad budgets, or to hold on to market-share.
  7. You should drink Grower-Champagne because, like all hand-crafted estate-bottled wines, it is not a mere Thing but is indeed a BEING, expressive of where it grew and who raised it. In drinking it you help protect DIVERSITY, and diversity leads to VITALITY. And if you’d rather eat a local field-ripened summer tomato rapturous with sweetness instead of some January tomato you buy at the supermarket hard as a stone and tasting of nothing, then you should be drinking farmer-fizz!”

At Molly’s Spirits we are proud to offer you 72 Grower Champagne options this December.  A few of these are listed below.  We invite you to come in and check out our entire portfolio.

From Cote des Blanc:

cote des blanc grower champagne

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils, Brut Blanc de Blancs, Cuvée Cuis 1er Cru NV                                            Reg. $56.98 |  Sale $48.98

Pierre Péters, Cuvee de Reserve, Blanc de Blanc, Grand Cru                                                            Reg. $64.98 | Sale $54.98

Larmandier-Bernier, Latitude Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut NV                                                             Reg. $52.98 | Sale $44.98

Larmandier-Bernier, Terre de Vertus, BdB, 1er Cru Brut Nature NV                                                 Reg. $68.98 |  Sale $55.98

LeBrun-Servenay, Brut Sélection Grand Cru à Avize NV                                                                    Reg. $69.98 | Sale $55.98

From Vallee de la Marne:

vallee de la mame grower champagne

René Geoffroy, Brut Rosé Champagne Saignée NV                                                                          Reg. $66.98 |  Sale $56.98

Marc Hebrart, Cuvee de Reserve, Brut NV                                                                                            Reg. $52.98 | Sale $42.98

Marc Hebrart, Brut Rose NV                                                                                                                     Reg. $57.98 | Sale $47.98

Henri Goutorbe, Cuvee Prestige, Brut                                                                                                   Reg. $55.98 | Sale $44.98

Gaston Chiquet, Tradition, Brut                                                                                                                Reg. $54.98 | Sale $44.98

From Montagne de Reims:

montagne de reims grower champagne

Billiot & Fils, Brut Rosé Champagne NV                                                                                                Reg. $66.98 | Sale $56.98

Billiot & Fils, Brut Reserve Champagne NV                                                                                           Reg. $59.98 | Sale $54.99

Vilmart & Cie, “Grand Cellier” Brut                                                                                                           Reg. $89.98 | Sale $71.98

Paul Bara, Bouzy, Brut Reserve Grand Cru                                                                                             Reg. $72.98 | Sale $57.98

Bereche et Fils, Reflet d’Antan, Brut ‘09                                                                                               Reg. $104.98 | Sale $92.98

Chartogne-Taillet, Sainte Anne, Brut NV                                                                                                Reg. $54.98 | Sale $44.98

Pehu Simonet, Blanc de Noir, Brut                                                                                                          Reg. $73.98 | Sale $59.98

From Cote des Bar:

cotes des bar grower champagne

Marie Courtin, Efflorescence Extra Brut ‘08                                                                                           Reg. $69.98 | Sale $55.98

Cedric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne, Cote de Val Vilaine ‘08                                                              Reg. $68.98 | Sale $56.98

Cedric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne, Cote de Bechalin ‘08                                                                 Reg. $94.98 | Sale $84.98

If you’re looking for the place in the store where other allocated Cedric Bouchard champagnes reside and where you can find Vilmart & Cie “Coeur de Cuvee” from ’06, ’07 and ’08 rubbing shoulders with the vintages of Salon, Domaine Ruinart, Bollinger R.D. and Krug please don’t hesitate to ask a Wine Specialist to show you around the Reserve Room.

Last but not least,

Molly’s has got your large format needs covered.  We have a broad selection of hard to find 1.5 Liter (Magnum), 3 Liter (Jeroboam), 6 Liter (Methuselah) options.

liters of grower champagne

Choose from:

Moutard, Grand Cuvee, Brut 6 Liter (Methuselah)                                                                                            $570.00 Allocated

Moutard, Grand Cuvee, Brut 3 Liter (Jeroboam)                                                                                               $250.00 Allocated

Larmandier Bernier, Blanc de Blanc, “Longitude” 3 Liter (Jeroboam)                                                            $295.00 Allocated

L Aubry Brut 3 Liter (Jeroboam)                                                                                                                            $245.00 Allocated

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils, Brut 3 Liter (Jeroboam)                                                                                                 $325.00 Allocated

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve 3 Liter (Jeroboam)                                                                                            $285.00 Allocated

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                           $130.00 Allocated

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                 $190.00 Allocated

Vilmart & Cie, “Coeur de Cuvee”, Brut 2006 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                     $340.00 Allocated

Cedric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne, Les Ursules, ‘12 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                     $270.00 Allocated

Bereche & Fils, Brut Reserve 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                               $100.00 Allocated

Bereche & Fils, Reflet D’Antan, Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                   $210.00 Allocated

H Billiot Fils, Reserve Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                    $110.00 Allocated

Rene Geoffroy, Rose de Saignee, Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                               $155.00 Allocated

L Aubry Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                                           $105.00 Allocated

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils, Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                $108.00 Allocated

Gaston Chiquet, Tradition, Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                           $125.00 Allocated

Perrier Jouet, Grand Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                      $144.00 Allocated

Besserat de Bellefon, Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                                   $100.00 Allocated

Bollinger, Special Cuvee Brut 1.5 Liter (Magnum)                                                                                              $130.00 Allocated

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