Day Owl Rose Cocktail

Day Owl Ruby Rosé Cocktail

Day Owl Rose CocktailWe stumbled across this rosé cocktail recipe by Day Owl Rosé, and we could not wait to share with you! This rosé and gin cocktail will be your go-to sipper during the warm months to come.

Rosé and Gin Cocktail Supplies:

  • Jigger
  • Glassware of your choice
  • Stir spoon
  • Ice cubes
Day Owl Rosé3 ounces
Gin (We used Peach Street Distillers' Jackelope Gin)1.5 ounces
Lillet Blanc3/4 ounces
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice3 ounces
Rosemary Spriggarnish
Grapefruit Wheelgarnish


Combine all of the ingredients over ice. Stir and serve with a grapefruit wheel and rosemary sprig.

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