maple bourbon sour mighty swell

Maple Bourbon Sour

maple bourbon sour mighty swellWe’re crazy for Mighty Swell over here! These canned sparkling cocktails made with real fruit juice can be enjoyed by themselves but also pair well with a spirit of your choice!

This Maple Bourbon Sour – featured at the Denver Art Museum’s Uncorked AFTERGLO – is an easy sipper and crowd favorite! Our bourbon lemon cocktail recipe serves one.

Maple Bourbon Sour Supplies:

  • Rocks glass
  • Stir spoon
  • Ice
Mighty Swell Lemon2 ounces
Bourbon3 ounces
Maple syrup1 ounce
Lemon wheel & rosemary sprigFor garnish (optional)


Place ice cubes in rocks glass and add Mighty Swell Lemon, bourbon, and maple syrup. Stir and garnish this rosemary maple bourbon sour with a lemon wheel and rosemary sprig!