Honey Hatch

Molly’s Hot Fashioned

Honey HatchWe collaborated with Denver’s own Blank & Booth Distilling Co. to spice up the traditional old-fashioned recipe for 5280 Magazine! The twist – we used Blank & Booth Honey Hatch –  a Hatch Green Chile Whiskey with added Colorado Honey, bottled exclusively for Molly’s! This spicy old-fashioned cocktail is bound to become a Colorado staple!

Spicy Old Fashioned Cocktail Supplies:

  • Rocks glass
  • Stir spoon
  • Ice
Blank & Booth Honey Hatch2 ounces
Angostura Bitters2 dashes
Juice from 1/2 Orange1/2 Orange
Maraschino Cherries for Garnish3 Cherries


In a whiskey glass (or whatever glass you’re feeling) combine the whiskey, fresh squeezed orange and bitters. Stir to blend all that goodness, and then add your ice cube(s). We like to freeze the cherries into the ice cube, but you can add them straight into the drink to save time.

How to drink:

The Colorado honey in this Hatch Green Chile whiskey makes it a smoother experience than a typical Old Fashioned, and makes it perfect for Saturday afternoons after you hit the slopes, or for a Sunday brunch (paired with all your tailgating favorites). Kick this spicy whiskey cocktail up a notch with this Colorado staple – you can find Honey Hatch exclusively at Molly’s.