5280 magazine summer sips

Molly’s Laven-berry Prosecco Smash

5280 Magazine Summer Sips CocktailWe could not be more excited about this Molly’s fruity cocktail recipe! When asked to create a cocktail for 5280 Magazine’s Summer Sips, we knew we needed to stick with the latest trends in the cocktail scene and highlight a few of our favorite Colorado distilleries. We hit the drawing board and Molly’s Laven-berry Prosecco Smash was born – a floral, herb-inspired cocktail featuring locally distilled Lee’s Spirits Lavender Gin and Leopold Bros Blackberry Liqueur. Topped with prosecco, this gin and prosecco cocktail is guaranteed to calm you down and not just because of the lavender, but because it’s all booze! You can find 5280 Magazine’s Summer Sips in the June 2017 edition out on stands now!

Lavender Prosecco Cocktail Supplies:

  • Rocks glass
  • Stir spoon
Lavender gin (we used Colorado’s Lee Spirits Lavender Gin)1.5 ounces
Blackberry liqueur (we used Leopold Bros’ Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur)1 ounce
ProseccoTo top off
Lemon3-4 slices for garnish
Rosemary1 sprig for garnish
Fresh blackberriesFor garnish


Line the inside of a rocks glass with lemon slices. Add lavender gin and blackberry liqueur then top off with Prosecco. Stir carefully to avoid disrupting the lemon slices. Garnish this gin prosecco cocktail with blackberries and a rosemary sprig!

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