summer sangria recipe

Sangria, Sangria!

Ah…sweet, sweeeeet summertime. It’s hard to argue that sangria is one of the classics. Sure it’s great in the winter too, heated up with a few spices, cinnamon stick in the glass and all that jazz, but give us some summer citrus fruit and a patio party and you’ll have guests asking you, “How did you make this!? What’s in it? It’s sooo good.” So without further a due, here is our favorite easy sangria recipe:

summer sangria recipe

Bar Supplies:

  • Large pitcher or bowl
  • Stir stick
Brandy1/2 cup
Triple Sec1/2 cup
Dry Red Wine1 bottle (750ml)
Orange Juice1/3 cup
Lemon Juice1/4 cup
Frozen Lemonade Concentrate1/4 cup
White Sugar (optional)1/4 cup
Orange1, Sliced into rounds
Lemon1, Sliced into rounds
Lime1, Sliced into rounds
Maraschino Cherries8 (or more)


In a larger pitcher or bowl, mix together everything. Yep, just throw it all in. How easy is that?! Refrigerate overnight for the best infused flavors. For a fizzy sangria, add 2 cups of club soda right before serving. If you want your sangria a little sweeter (for this sweet, sweeeet summertime) sub ginger ale for the club soda.