whiskey bloody mary blank and booth

Whiskey Based Bloody Mary

Blank and Booth Hot Mess Whiskey Mary

A whiskey Bloody Mary – what?? Oh, but this is delicious, especially when made with Denver’s own handcrafted Blank & Booth Hot Mess, a Hatch Green Chili infused whiskey. This spicy Bloody Mary recipe starts out by bringing some pepper spice and heat, two of the essential Bloody Mary components and pairs well with Salty Iguana’s Green Bloody Mary Mix. Our Bloody Mary with whiskey recipe serves one.

Bar supplies:

  • Pint glass
  • Shaker
  • Jigger
  • Stirring spoon (optional)
  • Ice
Blank & Booth Hot Mess Whiskey1.5 ounces
Salty Iguana Green Bloody Mary MixTo fill glass (4-6 ounces)
Celery Salt (option)To coat the rim
Lemon1 lemon, wedged


  1. Fill a pint glass with ice, Blank & Booth Hot Mess Whiskey, and Salty Iguana Green Bloody Mary Mix .
  2. Either shake or stir until all the ingredients are mixed to your liking then add accouterments such as pickle spear, celery stalk, green beans, shrimp, cured meat of your liking, etc, etc, etc.
  3. Remember, you’re pairing all these extras with the a Hatch Green Chili infused whiskey, so pair accordingly.