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Thank you for renewing your subscription to Molly’s Rewards Newsletters! It’s a great choice that keeps you in the loop on some of the hottest sales in Denver – plus information on the best tastings, in-store events and beer, wine and spirits festivals.

As a refreshers, we send out emails typically on…

  1. Wednesdays: These are a sneak peek of our Weekly Specials that we post on our website. These deals typically run Wednesday through the following Tuesday.
  2. Sundays: These are Sunday Specials. Extremely discounted, curated, sales items that aren’t displayed publicly on the tags. These discounts are only for Molly’s Rewards members.  These specials run Sunday through the following Tuesday.
  3. An occasional dedicated email about an in-store event or festival we’re involved in. This could be a special email with information regarding our Annual Rare Whiskey Auction or an Anniversary Party. Don’t worry, we will never be the company who bogs down your inbox with junk. Therefore these emails are rare.

How Molly’s Rewards works:

  • $1 spent = 1 point
  • 500 points = $5 in-store credit (never expires)
  • Get DOUBLE POINTS on all purchases Sunday through Tuesday (yes, on Sunday Specials too)!

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